George R. Sturmon, PE
CEO, Founder – Bleeding Edge EnSys LLC

George attended the University of Missouri College of Engineering. His Mechanical Engineering major was Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. His MSME thesis was in the field of Combustion Heat Transfer.

With his BSME (1959) George joined the Aerospace Industry and worked with the Nike Zeus Project’s ground to ground missile development.

Returning to the University of Missouri for graduate school as a research assistant his MSME thesis was in gaseous fuels combustion heat transfer which was published in the Journal of Applied Chemistry (London, England) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fuels Division. The implication of the research test data showed that the conventional thought of heat transfer being the only motivator for flame front propagation was incorrect. Abbott A. Putnam of the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio and Lanford and Townsend of the Journal of Applied Chemistry said: “It is concluded that hydrogen atom diffusion plays a more important role than heat transfer in flame front propagation.”

Returning to the Aerospace Industry, George’s work involved reentry heat issues with Mercury and Gemini space vehicles, micro-meteoroid testing and development for the Manned Orbital Laboratory and fitting the advanced Rolls Royce By-Pass Jet Engines in the F-4 supersonic jet fighter.

During this time he passed the Professional Engineers exams in Missouri and later received a PE license in Illinois.

In 1968, George entered the heavy duty truck parts industry, pioneering the field of advanced polymer engineering for vehicle applications. He has received more than 50 patents from the US and across the globe.

In 1984, George began developing products in the transportation industry for his new company, ATRO Engineered Systems, Inc. Several patents were developed for heavy duty vehicle suspensions and internal combustion engine cooling systems. ATRO is the largest supplier of heavy-duty polyurethane suspension products which have been in use since 1987. In addition, ATRO axle bushing products have been in use on several thousand of the US Army’s M-1000 HET Tank Carriers since its inception in 1989 as well as on tens of thousands of body mounts in the military’s armored Humvees.

George is the Founder of Enviro-Cool, Inc. and inventor of the Air Management System and Enviro-Cool Cleaning Filter, an in-service cooling system cleaning filter.




Polyurethane Components – Leading manufacturer of heavy-duty suspension components for the transportation industry, including the only manufacturer of high-temperature under-hood mounts

Air Management System (AMS) – An electrical fan and ducting system that lowers engine compartment temperatures, lowers engine noise levels and increases fuel mileage.

Cleaning Filter – In-service cooling system cleaner filter that cleans while you drive.


High-performance materials, processes, prototypes, and product development.  Formulation of breakthrough polymeric materials, such as high-temperature urethanes, transparent armor, foams for shock and vibration absorbing products, such as bumper pads and body protection.