Dr. Jerry Plunkett, Ph.D

President, CEO – Advanced Military Equipment

Along with his positions at UET, Dr. Plunkett currently serves on the boards of directors for four entrepreneurial firms in the medical, recycling and advanced materials processing businesses.

He has developed over 30 specialty materials products and their manufacturing processes and assisted in putting them on the market. Their current market value is approximately $500 million. Jerry has received seven patents, made many inventions, and developed over 35 trade secrets.

In addition to holding executive positions, Dr. Plunkett has served as a manufacturing process consultant to industry in the area of materials processing and product interface. This work has typically required the modification of known processes or the development of new production processes aimed at manufacturing new products. He has made significant contributions to several selected processes.

Jerry has been involved in corporate and government technology strategic planning and management for decades. During this same time, he also contributed heavily to institutional establishment and development.

Dr. Plunkett received his Bachelor and Master of Science at the University of Missouri’s Missouri School of Mines. He then went on to receive a Ph.D. in metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.